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Commercial Storyboards

Created at: Team Velocity Marketing

Created for: Luther Auto Group

We Buy: Too Good To Be True

[SALESPERSON] [shows tablet/device to customer on trade info and pricing] So I have great news.
[CUSTOMER] [zoom on customer face as he’s thinking] “Here we go…” [sarcasm]
[SALESPERSON] Your vehicle is in great condition and I’m able to give you sixteen-five.
[CUSTOMER] [zoom on customer face as he’s thinking] “Woa, this is way more than I thought, ok don’t smile, don’t smile, you’ll give it away.” [looks at salesperson trying to hold in a smile but comes off making weird face /furrowing brow etc]
[SALESPERSON] You also get this exclusive $200 Luther Gift Card…
[CUSTOMER] DEAL [Hands keys, snaps gift card out of her hand and runs out of dealership like he just got away with something big]

Sales: Luther Advantage

[KID] [looking intensely and serious at the salesperson] I like it, but I want to know what I get for doing business here.

[SALESPERSON] [looks surprised at the kid] You get our Luther Advantage.

[KID] Go on…

[SALESPERSON]  Well you get Gas & Car Wash discounts, Extended Warranty, and even price match guarantee…

[KID] [looks less than thrilled]
[SALESPERSON] And a Mall of America Discount Card?
[KID] [smiles, shakes hand] I’ll take it.
[PARENT] [walks into scene and stands next to kid] What did I miss?

KBB: Messy Negotiations

[CUSTOMER] [looking intensely at the salesperson] Let’s negotiate…
[SALESPERSON] There’s no need because all Luther pricing is based on KBB Price Advisor, which means our vehicles are priced within the fair market range, so you know you’re getting the best pricing in the area on the vehicle you want when you’re ready to buy.

And you don’t need those [zooms to customer’s calculator, pad and messy papers]

[CUSTOMER] Good point

Service: One Size Fits All

[CUSTOMER] I need some help picking out tires that fit my car, I don’t want to choose the wrong size.

[Zooms to her kid wearing clothing that’s WAY too HUGE]

[KID] [rolls his eyes]
[SALESPERSON] Ah I see, well you’re in good hands our factory-trained experts can pick the exact tires you need and we are guaranteed to have them in stock between our thirty locations.
[CUSTOMER] that sounds perfect [looks down at kid]
[KID] [kid bends over to tie his shoes and can’t get his hands through the long over draping sleeves]
[KID] [Ends with kid in Luther Tee that fits, as walking out of dealership]